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Tube Monetization & Automation Program 2023 (Jordan Mackey)

Original price was: $697.00.Current price is: $24.99.

Original Price: $697

Our Price: $24.99

Are you interested in starting or scaling a YouTube channel, without having to show your face or become a YouTuber?

You’ve spent countless hours searching for the right business. You finally stumbled across YouTube Automation and you believe this is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

But now you’re not sure what the next step is.

“How do I start my channel? What niche should I choose? How do I monetize my channel? How do I put my videos together and do it without having to be a YouTuber? What is the secret to getting my channel launched quickly?”

“Most importantly, how do I scale my channel and crush the YouTube algorithm?”

Because you don’t want to waste time with strategies that don’t work. You want a straightforward, battle-tested system and a roadmap that’s proven effective for those who put in the work.

Learn Our Formula For Succeeding With YouTube Automation

The process is straightforward, but as you know there are hundreds of thousands of YouTube channels to compete with. What you need is a time-tested, step by step, systematic roadmap we’ve used to dominate every aspect of YouTube from A-Z.

There are many things you need to learn to crush YouTube.

“You need to learn and understand from the inside out how to identify what niches work best, what topics inside of those niches you should do, what videos to use, where to get the videos, how to properly edit them to make them unique and keep them within YouTube rules and guidelines.

Then you need to learn the secrets for crushing the YouTube algorithm, how to make your videos go viral, how to rank your videos in the search results, how to make YouTube suggest your videos, how to create engaging thumbnails, how to pass monetization review quickly, how to study your analytics and make necessary changes, how to raise your CPM, how to place the ads on your video, how to automate, outsource, and scale your channels, and much more.”

“Many of these things are straightforward, but doing them all correctly in the right order makes all of the difference between a channel that crushes, and a channel that does nothing.

That is what you get with Jordan’s Bye 9 To 5 Tube Monetization & Automation Program. You get a systematic, easy to follow, step-by-step roadmap showing you exactly how to crush it on YouTube.” 

LIMITED TIME 2024 Sale + Bonuses Active Now

In which I will get access to 55+ hours & 300+ videos of the best step-by-step, systematic instruction & community for growing and monetizing hyper profitable YouTube channels over and over again

  • Tube Monetization & Automation Program (Value $997)
  • List of 200+ Profitable Niches (Value $197)
  • Access To Bye 9 To 5 Private Facebook Community (Value $997)
  • 20+ Hours Live Q&A Mastermind Webinar Replays (Value $397)
  • My Affiliate Marketing On YouTube Masterclass (Value $497)
  • My Personal Branding/Digital Course Masterclass + Shopify Dropshipping Made Simple Masterclass (Value $497)
  • My Shopify Dropshipping Made Simple Masterclass (Value $497)
  • My 9 Hour YouTube Made Easy & YouTube Advanced Masterclass Courses (My previous YouTube courses) (Value $497)


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